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It has to be said, the film is not the wedding’s flagship product. Worse than that, the idea of it is often dusty. And yet! The time of our camrecorder’s precursor oncle and the hours of endless viewing on winter afternoons are over (of course we take no credit for these oncles!)! On the other hand the film remains, because it is one of the most beautiful way to remember. The equipment has evolved considerably, allowing us to capture an image of incredible quality while being compact. Video has become a profession. And yes, it’s not only in the cinema that we make films… The image has been democratized and knows its tendencies to which the wedding scene is no exception. Also, our wedding films are inspired by American productions, where we don’t hesitate to marry as we please and we hope to be able to show and share it.

But the evolution of the technique, you know. You enjoy it every day with your mobile phone. It’s so easy and beautiful that you can’t stop filming everything. But what happens to these images? At best, they will be saved somewhere on a cloud or a hard disk, at worst they disappear as quickly as they were taken … It tRarely is this raw material worked on to reveal its full potential. It takes time, care and compassion and we are happy to do it for you.

A wedding is like ten days in one: you meet so many different people, you think about so many small and big things, you’re tossed from one place to another, you stress, you cry, you scream, you have fun, you get drunk… in short. You might as well know that the brain takes shortcuts. So how do you remember everything? See everything? That’s the first reason for a wedding film: to remember and (re)discover the moment of meditative calm during the preparations, the tension and the rising joy during the ceremony, the emotion at the moment of exchanging the rings reflected on the faces of the guests, the laughter of the children running between the dresses and the party until the end of the night with friends.

The other reason is to give a gift to each other, to the both of you, but also to all the guests. To see each other happy: to see each other move, to breathe in the image. It is a disturbing and rare experience in a lifetime.


You also managed to make half my family cry with the teaser! It's really nice to see our friends and family again and the atmosphere of the film, especially because we were so stressed that we don't remember those little moments... Thank you very much Lycia, thanks to you we have memories for the rest of our lives...
G & A
Bride & Groom 2019


For us, making a beautiful wedding film requires shooting all day long. Usually, we arrive a little before the preparations to make some aerial shots of the estate with our drone when the situation allows it. Then we take the train with you, taking care to capture the vibration of each moment.

The preparations are a privileged moment that symbolizes many things. Each of the bride and groom create their own bubble in their own space, with their loved ones. From one room to another, the atmosphere can be quite different… The tension rises as our bride and groom transform. From two, they will become one. This is the opportunity to make images of closeness, where we discover the bride and groom in their intimacy.

During the ceremony, we take a step back to stand on the side of the guests. To see through their eyes the grandiose decor of the church, the softness of the trees in a park… and the bride and groom at the centre of all attention. Their faces bear witness to the bonds that unite you.

After a quick trip on foot, bicycle, car or helicopter (!) to the cocktail lounge, we switch to paparazzi mode: immersed in the crowd of guests, capturing the smiles and laughter of these long-time friends who have come to celebrate this unique event with you. Without forgetting to draw a poetic portrait of the place that welcomes them with its warmest characteristics.

Our favourite moment is without a doubt the one when we get away from the festivities for the couple’s session. A session with each other, a session just for you, to get together a little, do a few dance steps and whisper sweet words in your ear. A romantic break before returning to the party and dancing with your guests until the end of the night.

These authentic and full of life memories where all the emotions are intertwined: joy, fear, surprise, pride, joy… this is the very material of your wedding film, both contemplative and poetic.

We offer two different types of editing to best suit your desires:

  • The SHORT FILM – Highlight lasts about 4 to 6 minutes to rediscover your wedding in a flash of emotion with original music.
  • The LONG FILM – Wedding Film lasts about 15 minutes, more contemplative and chronological to not lose anything of this day.
We watched the video, we had a lot of emotion (...) It reminded us of so many things, there were things we had forgotten or overlooked, so the day went by so quickly. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us relive all this. Philippe's musical composition is beyond our expectations. Thank you to both of you for immortalizing these moments, which is moreover, in our image. You were able to retrace this intense day: the quieter moments, in the morning with the Cambodian ceremony and afterwards, you can feel the rhythm coming back with the music in tune. We're so happy!<br />
S & JC
Bride and Groom 2019
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