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Director & Photographer
I am Lycia Walter.

I have been inspired by the journey of my paternal grandmother, and followed the pace of her passion for people, their portrait and the family bursting with life. The act of love that comes with photographing or filming someone.

I naturally oriented my practice towards the private sector, although, occasional company work reminds me of my beginnings as a communications graduate.

Above all, I enjoy observing people, their gestures, their customs, understanding what makes their culture. For my master’s degree in cinematography I made a 26-minute documentary on the people of the Médoc who face the nuclear power plant of Blaye. `` In the Shadow of Your Rays '', it is the result of two years of work.
Another even more enjoyable experience came in September 2017. I was lucky enough to be the photographer for a book published nationally by Editions Sud-Ouest. ``Paysans, Semeurs et Eleveurs``, which follows the path of the eco-responsible cook Laurence Dessimoulie, telling a year of meetings across the farms of Aquitaine. Indeed, growing up in the country and being in nature, these subjects are often the ones that inspire me the most.

Raised in a family of Jazz musicians, the sound universe is far more than a mere accessory to my achievements. I pay great attention to it and propose specially written accompaniment with musicians and composers such as Phil Walter. I am also an unconditional fan of Jacob Collier!

Based in Bordeaux and in the Médoc, I am ready to move however far your projects take you.

See you soon!

Drone operator declared to the DGAC.

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