Photos l Duo studio session

Studio session

Elisa and Marie found themselves in front of the camera to have fun … Under the spotlight, they discovered each other!

The studio sessions, from 30 minutes to 2 hours, are a unique experience of conversation between the model and the photographer, isolated from the outside world by the studio drapes. A session allows you to obtain very personal images, revealing your personality. They are timeless memories, as is this portrait of my grandmother on the dresser. In the past, the studio was the only way to get her portrait, today it’s a different approach, which privileges quality over the quantity offered by smartphones. A process that allows you to discover more about yourself with the help of the camera and the photographer.

Super photographer, versatile, who puts at ease and knows what she does while taking into account the model's desires! And above all a superb rendering! Nothing to say, a great session and beautiful photos!
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